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VIS Shareholders Approved NT$2.35 Dividend, including NT$1.65 in Cash, and NT$0.7 in Stock
Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 20, 2005- Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, a leading specialty IC foundry service provider today held the annual shareholders' meeting at which the shareholders approved the 2004 Business Report & Financial Statements, and 2004 dividend distribution of NT$2.35 per share.

VIS spokesperson and Vice President Daniel Chen stated that shareholders approved 2004 dividend distribution, including a cash dividend of NT$1.65 per share, and a stock dividend of NT$0.7 per share. Furthermore, shareholders also approved employees' profit sharing for 2004, including NT$202.55 million in cash and NT$135.03 million in stock at par value. Based on the VIS' closing price of Taiwan Stock Exchange Market on May 19, 2005, the ex-dividend value of 2004 employee profit sharing is calculated to be approximately 10.4% of 2004 net income, or 11.7% of earnings available for distribution.

According to the 2004 Business Report & Financial Statements approved by VIS' shareholders, 2004 revenue totaled NT$ 15,879 million, with net income of NT$4,755 million, and earnings per share of NT$3.24.

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