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VIS Reports 2016 Fourth Quarter Results
Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 23, 2017 - Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation today announced its fourth quarter 2016 financial results. Fourth quarter consolidated revenue was NT$6,596 million, net income around NT$1,356 million, and EPS about NT$0.82. Accumulated consolidated revenue for the year of 2016 totaled NT$25,829 million increased around 10.8% compared with previous year, with after tax net income of NT$5,538 million, and EPS of NT$3.35.

On a sequential basis, fourth quarter 2016 revenue increased around 0.6% to NT$6,596 million, from NT$6,555 million in previous quarter. On a year-over-year comparison, revenue for the fourth quarter increased around 20.3%. Gross profit margin was around 33.7%. Operating profit margin was around 21.5%

For the first quarter of 2017, VIS spokesperson Mr. D.L. Tseng said, Ą§Looking forward, as customers become conservative in wafer foundry demand post Christmas and Chinese New Year, we expect revenue to be between NT$6.25 billion and NT$6.55 billion. Gross profit margin to be between 32% and 34%. Operating profit margin to be between 21% and 23%.Ą¨

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