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VIS Reports 2015 Fourth Quarter Results
Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 28, 2015 - Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation today announced its fourth quarter 2015 financial results. Fourth quarter consolidated revenue was NT$5,482 million, net income around NT$875 million, and EPS about NT$0.53. Accumulated consolidated revenue for the year of 2015 totaled NT$23,320 million, with after tax net income of NT$4,158 million, and EPS of NT$2.50.

On a sequential basis, fourth quarter 2015 revenue increased around 3.5% to NT$5,482 million, from NT$5,296 million in previous quarter. On a year-over-year comparison, revenue for the fourth quarter decreased around 14.6%. Gross profit margin was around 27.5%. Operating profit margin was around 17.9%

For the first quarter of 2016, VIS spokesperson Mr. D.L. Tseng said, Ą§Thanks to the inventory restocking, we expect revenue to be between NT$5.85 billion and NT$6.15 billion. Gross profit margin to be between 31.5% and 33.5%. Operating profit margin to be between 21.5% and 23.5%.Ą¨

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