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VIS Shareholders Approve NT$0.4 Cash Dividend and Elect VIS' 6th Board of Directors and Supervisors
June 10, 2009, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ¡Vtoday held a shareholders' meeting at which shareholders approved the distribution of a NT$0.4 cash dividend per common share. Shareholders also elected VIS' 6th Board of Directors and Supervisors. The seven Directors are Ching-Chu Chang, Chuan Lin, C.C.Wei, Ching-I Eli Wang, Lu-Pao Hsu, K.H. Hsiao, Leuh Fang. The two supervisors are Der-Chang Yeh, Ching-Sung Wu. After the shareholder meeting, VIS held the Board of Directors and Supervisors Meeting, at which the Board unanimously elected Dr. Ching-Chu Chang as Chairman of VIS.

Dr. Ching-Chu Chang received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in the USA. Shortly after receiving his doctorate, Dr. Chang joined the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Integrated Circuit Development Project, and was one of the ¡§seed¡¨ engineers sent to RCA in the United States to transfer IC technology to Taiwan. Dr. Chang served in ITRI's Electronic Research & Service Organization (ERSO) for 13 years, including a period as Director General. After leaving ERSO-ITRI, Dr. Chang worked briefly at Champion Consulting Group then joined Winbond Electronics Corp. for more than 15 years, serving in a variety of positions including Executive Vice President, President, Deputy CEO and Deputy Chairman. Dr. Chang has extensive experience and professional knowledge in the semiconductor industry, and we believe that his contribution as the Chairman will be valuable to VIS' future development.

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