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VIS announced to purchase the 8 inch Fab of Winbond Electronics Corp.
Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation ( VIS ) announced on March 21 that the boards of VIS and Winbond both approved VIS' acquisition the Fab 4 & Fab 5 of Winbond Electronics CorpĦAlocated in Hsinchu Science Park. The purchase will be completed on January 1, 2008. With this acquisition, VIS will significantly expand its capacity of 8-inch wafers. VIS has been transformed from a DRAM manufacturer into a foundry service provider and dedicated to the foundry of LCD Driver and High Voltage. In the past two years, VIS has been frequently fully loadedĦAand hardly met the customers' request for more capacity. With acquisition of 8-inch capacity from WinbondĦAit offer growth opportunity for VIS and its customers

VIS Board of Directors approved to appropriate NT$8.3 billion to acquire Winbond's Fab 4 and Fab 5 which are located in Hsinchu Science Park. The acquisition include the buildingĦAequipmentĦAfacility and spare parts and raw material. Based on the successful experience of transformation from DRAM manufacturer into a foundry service providerĦAVIS will increase its rated capacity rapidly to 1,300,000 wafers. In addition, VIS can provide more service to the customers of Driver IC and High Voltage.

With completion of the acquisition , VIS will quickly locate engineering resource to Winbond Fab 4 & 5 to coordinate the transition of operation. In addition, VIS commited to offer Winbond 4-year total 700 K wafers of DRAM and Flash foundry services. VIS expects the demand of Driver IC will increase continuallyĦAafter the capacity expansionĦAVIS can more accommodate customers' production and technology demandsĦA and reinforce a long term relationship with its customers. In addition, VIS can fast move forward its technology to 0.13~0.18 umĦAwill enable VIS to provide more survice and have more business with its customers.

Mr. C.S. Hsu, president of VIS gratifyingly noted thatĦAthe company culture of VIS and Winbond are very closeĦAand both have common sense for the arrangement during transition period and future foundry model. This is not only a win-win case but also have great effects to both.

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