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VIS Board of Directors Proposes NT$1.5 Dividend Including NT$1.4 Cash Dividend and NT$0.1 Stock Dividend
Hsinchu, Taiwan, Feb. 10, 2006 - Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, a leading specialty IC foundry service provider, today held a meeting of Board of Directors, at which the Board proposed 2005 dividend distribution of NT$1.5 per share, including NT$1.4 in cash dividend, and NT$0.1 in stock dividend. The dividend distribution proposal will be discussed and presented for approval at the 2006 shareholders' meeting scheduled for May 11, 2006.

The Board of Directors also approved 2005 Business Report and Financial Statements. Revenue for 2005 totaled NT$ 11,371 million, and after tax earnings of NT$2,711 million with earnings per share were NT$1.68.

The 2006 shareholders' meeting will be held on May 11, 2006 at VIS(123, Park Ave-3rd, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan).

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