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Compensation and Benefit
VIS provides competitive compensation and benefits to employees, and strives to create a challenging, learning, and fun working environment.

VIS is a high tech company where employees can learn, develop, and grow continuously. We provide advanced training systems as well as a dynamic and fun work place full of new challenges. Are you ready to take the challenge and demonstrate you capability and professionalism, and enjoy the rich life in VIS.

Salary Structure
Max. annual compensation can be reached to 16 months (Incl. annual/festival bonus)
Profit sharing
Employee stock option program(the first company in Taiwan to set up ESOP)

Employee Benefits
Annual leave benefits
2 days paternity leave for male employees
Shuttle transportation to and from Vanguard
Cash/gifts offered to employees for special events such as birthdays, childbirth, weddings, funerals, etc.
Social events held for employees who are single
Discounted rates on consumer loans and credit cards
Modern style cafeteria rated number 1 in the science park with many varieties of food to choose
DL Dormitory with TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioning, washing machine, telephone, and recreation center
Clubs: Mountain Climbing Club, Softball Club, Badminton Club, Yoga Club etc.
Employee social activities: Year-end party, year-end dinner banquet, Christmas party, company jogging contest, company sport events, company fair, birthday party, etc.

Insurance Program and Medical Plans
Periodic free physical examination for all employees
Discount on special item examinations
Special physical examination for production line operators
Labor Insurance/National Health Insurance
Free group insurance program for employees and their family
Travel Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Occupational Injury Insurance
In house nurse
Wellness promotion activities for employees such as pilates, aerobics, etc.

Retirement Plan
The pension system under the "Pension Fund Statue" requires the allocation of specific amount of contribution for retirement equivalent to 6% of employees' monthly salaries allocated to their personal pension fund accounts at the Labor Insurance Bureau. The pension system under the "Labor Standards Act" requires guaranteed disbursement of pension funds whereby the Company shall make contributions to the employee pension fund on the basis of the total employee salaries. This fund shall be monitored by the Pension Reserve Monitoring Committee and deposited at the special account of the Bank of Taiwan under the title of the committee.

Work Shift System
There're 3 types of work hours according to work requirement:
Normal Administrative Hours
Three Regular Shifts (Day Shift, Evening Shift, and Night Shift)
Seven-day Compressed Workweek