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Social & Recreation Clubs
Various club are established in VIS, including softball club, badminton club, basketball club, mountain climbing club, nature studies club, weight-loss and body-shaping club, Yoga club, etc.

Fun-filled Activities
Employees participates in our many fun-filled activities sponsored by the company such as intra-company sports competition, hiking, jogging, fairs, Christmas party, year-end party, book reading, match-making for singles, karaoke contest, etc.


What to do when you are hungry?
The high ceiling design of our cafeteria makes it a wonderful place to enjoy sanitary and nutritious meals including buffet (with 2 main course and 3 side dish), Taiwanese style snacks, noodle, vegetarian, chef¡¦s special(iron plate noodle, Western style buffet, barbecues.
Employees pay only $25 for each meal, and the company pays the rest.
Freshly made breakfast Monday-Friday, and hot bread in the afternoon.

Are you out of shape, get up and exercise exercise!
Our work out center provides stepmasters, and other exercising facilities, including shower rooms for the convenience of our employees after work out.
Employees can also take Yoga or aerobics in the aerobics room.
Pool table, ping pong table, board games are available in our recreational room.

I can take care of many errands in the company.
Employee can shop in our 24H convenient store for drinks, food, other good at a discount or pay for bills and parking fees.
We offer on-site banking and travel service representatives to assist employee.
ATM is open 24 hours for the both day and night shift employees.

Time for tea break!
The coffee bar offers coffee, various drinks, waffles, and sandwiches for light snack.
Our garden is a great place to relax for employee taking short breaks.
24 hour KTV room is available for employees to get together and have fun.

I want to learn about other interests.
Employee can use the intranet system to borrow books from our library.
Over 30 kinds of magazines to cater to different interests.

Various discounts and savings
Employees can purchase movies tickets, amusement park tickets, and swimming tickets with discount.
Gift certificates for department stores and hypermall are offered to employees at a discount.