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Database for Knowledge Sharing
We have accumulated more than 5,000 articles in our database for knowledge sharing, and use the database to share the most updated information with employees through periodic delivery of electronic news. Our e-news can be classified into 6 major categories:

Innovative knowledge management
Business transformation
Individual growth
Technology application
Global news
General articles

Employees can use the database to search for information needed for self growth, or apply the new information/skills leaned from e-news in their job.

To our employee, learning is not limited by time or place because they can take e-Learning courses at their own convenience.

We currently offer more than 500 e-Learning courses in VIS and continue to enrich our e-Learning system by addition of new material and new courses. Employees can learn at their own pace, in order to improve their competitiveness.

Practical Training Course
Practical training consists of internal/external training, seminars, university courses, on-site professional training, etc. Furthermore, VIS offers engineers the opportunity to receive advanced training in semiconductor technology by sending them to America, Japan, etc