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Database for Knowledge Sharing
We have a growing article database for knowledge sharing. VIS actively provides immediately information through periodic web news about industry news, leadership and managerial skills, the tendency of society, individual growth articles to all VIS companion. The knowledge sharing progress will help their self-development and the new knowledge and skills application in their job.

All VIS employees can take e-Learning courses without time or place limitation under active learning atmosphere.

We currently offer more than 600 e-Learning courses in VIS and continuously enrich our
e-Learning system by addition of qualified material and courses. Employees can learn at their own pace to strengthen their competitiveness through comprehensive e-Learning mechanism.

Instructor Led Training
Instructor led training consists of internal / external training, seminars, outside university / college programs, on-site professional training, etc. Furthermore, VIS offers the overseas training opportunity (ex: America, Japan, etc) for engineers to enhance advanced semiconductor technology skills.