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New Employee Orientation
We have designed a comprehensive employee orientation program, which includes introduction of VIS’ background and management system, basic skill training, introduction of semiconductor process, and hands-on training. In addition, our new employee training allows new comers to become familiar with the company environment and industry quickly, as well as learn new knowledge, skills and attitude needed by their job.

Professional / Technical Training
VIS is devoted to developing innovative and challenging semiconductor professionals. For improvement of our employees' professional skills, we first analyze employees’ training needs to identify the knowledge and skills needed by different job categories, and then proceed to design and implement professional skill training courses in the areas of semiconductor process, physical device, product engineering, equipment maintenance, testing and quality management, etc.

Management Training
VIS provides training courses for all level managers in order to develop world-class management talents, which share the same vision and values.

Self improvement can be carried out through non-formal groups such as study group, community group, and seminars. The sharing method not only increases employee motivation to learn, but also promotes the active learning atmosphere.