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VIS has a comprehensive training system for training professional talents and developing employees’ potential. This comprehensive training system includes new comers’ orientation, professional / technical training, external training, managerial training and self- development. We have established The Training Management System to systematize all learning process and provide e-Learning web portal for build up personal learning roadmap and cultivate self-motivated learning atmosphere.

New Comers' Orientation
We have designed a new comers' orientation program to help new employees become familiar with the company's environment and culture, and allow them to learn basic skill, knowledge, attitude, and obtain professional certification as needed by the new job.

Professional / Technical Training
VIS is devoted to developing innovative and challenging semiconductor professionals. We offer professional / technical courses from basic to advanced for different training needs. Employees can learn through various channels to enhance knowledge and skills about semiconductor process, physical device, product engineering, equipment maintenance, testing and quality management, etc.

External Training
VIS also encourages employees to develop professional skills and competency via external training or overseas training to enhance their professional competitiveness.

Managerial Training
VIS provides training courses to all level managers for different needs and requirements. We aim to develop world-class management talents with global view and a team that shares the same vision and values.

In addition to professional training, VIS encourages a self-motivated learning atmosphere by providing opportunities such as continuing education, study groups, seminars, knowledge management community group, etc.