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VIS Employees and Family Gathered to Celebrate the Company's 10th Anniversary

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Oct. 23, 2004 - Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, a leading specialty IC foundry service provider, today celebrated its 10th anniversary at Leofoo Village Theme Park. Over 4,000 employees and family gathered to celebrate the special day. At the celebration ceremony, the Chairman & President of VIS Paul Chien expressed his appreciation for all the employees' hard work, and thanked the families for their support during the past years. Without them, VIS would not have accomplished its goals successfully. He also encouraged employees to make every effort to keep up the good work to create another 10 great years.

The theme for today's celebration was 10 years of excellence, and looking ahead to the future. In addition to celebrating 10 year's achievements, the celebration opened with the main them of emphasizing teamwork, hand in hand together to reach higher peaks. The Chairman said that like many other employees, he joined VIS when it was first founded, and shared the growth of VIS with all employees. To VIS, it has been a special and glorious 10 years indeed. However, this year was one of the most important year in the history of VIS because of its successful transformation from a DRAM manufacturer into a 100% pure-play foundry service provider, not only that, VIS has made major progress in financial performance in 2004. After the capital reduction, VIS will eliminate all of previous years' negative earnings and improve financial structure. Looking ahead, VIS will strive to improve our operations and give back to the stockholders by providing better returns.

The VIS 10th year celebration festival included many fun-filled and exciting events such as performances by pop singers, acrobats, magicians, street performers, etc. Employees also enjoyed entertainments such as parades, various contests, and DIY booth. Most of all, a romantic buffet was served at dinnertime, in which everybody could enjoy the food and watch the live stage show at the same time. VIS employees even dressed up as angels to pass out balloons and candies, and painted VIS logo on the happy faces of employees and their families.

After the singing performance of the VIS management team, singing songs came the highlight of the festival, with the Chairman holding a bow of light and shooting towards the sky, signifying that the flame of VIS will continue to burn, and head towards higher goals. At the same time, the night sky came to life with a breathtaking firework show to end the day. The festival was definitely a memorable experience to be remembered.


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