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The structure of corporate governance

For the purpose of implementing corporate governance and reinforcing the management capabilities of the Board of Directors, the Company established the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee under the Board of Directors. In addition, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) was established to handle the following roles and responsibilities: responsible for proposing and executing specific implementation plans concerning CSR policies, systems, or relevant management strategies.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) convenes a meeting once quarterly and presents a report once every six months to the Board of Directors on the state of implementation of various tasks including corporate governance, charitable causes, employee rights and interests, environmental sustainability, and supply chain management so as to continuously review implementation outcomes and make improvements which ensure that the Company's CSR policies are effectively implemented.

VIS has been actively planning business strategies with company governance fundamentals ever since its inauguration, ensuring company capability to maximize investor's return with effective company governance mechanism and sound operations. In 2003, VIS recruited a group of distinguished professionals from the industry, as well as the finance and legal field to join the new BOD. Then in fourth board, elected on June 5, 2003, three committees of Audit, Company Governance and Nomination, and Compensation were established. This has greatly enhanced the supervision and governance functions of the board. Relevant bylaws also set to implement major principles of Corporate Governance, including protecting shareholders' rights and interests, strengthening the duties and responsibility of the board of directors, fulfilling the function of supervisors, and enhancing information transparency. The fifth board, which was re-elected on May 11, 2006, has set up the Quasi Audit Committee and Compensation Committee directly under the board in compliance with the regulation changes and company governance requirements from the government. BOD also updated Organic Regulations of Quasi Audit Committee and Organic Regulations of Compensation Committee based on the stipulation examples government provided, constituted Board Meeting Standing Orders in accordance to government guidance, in order to effectively improve and achieve the important company governance principles overall.In 2008, VIS has passed the Corporate Governance Assessment System initiated by the Taiwan Corporate Association. In seventh board in 2012, VIS recruited three professional and experienced independent directors to join the BOD and set up the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee and revise the "Audit Committee Charter" as well as "Compensation Committee Charter" in compliance with government law.

VIS has established and effectively implemented a comprehensive internal control system. All departments are required to conduct regular internal evaluation for daily operation. Further, BOD and the management review the evaluation reports and reports from internal audit department regularly to ensure the operational efficiency, the accuracy of financial reporting and compliance to all regulations.

2017 Corporate Governance Awards
Organization Awards
Taiwan Stock Exchange & Taipei Exchange Ranked in top 5% in Third Corporate Governance Evaluation of Listed Companies

2016 Corporate Governance Awards
Organization Awards
Taiwan Stock Exchange & Taipei Exchange Ranked in top 5% in Second Corporate Governance Evaluation of Listed Companies
CommonWealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award - Large cap - 29th Place
Taiwan Corporation Governance Association Outstanding

VIS is committed to "the principle of integrity and seeks high standards of professional ethics" as the top priority of corporate management values. All VIS employees are forbidden from giving or taking bribes, from acting in any way contrary to the interests of the company, and from any instance of conflict of interest. VIS allows employees or any whistleblowers to report any ethical deficiencies through the E. Mail Box as below :

Audit Committee E. Mail Box:audit_committee@vis.com.tw
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