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Vanguard delivers various foundry process technologies to our clients. To know more details please check the following sections.

IT Services
VIS IT services provide a direct and real time information exchanged channel.
The primary objectives of VIS foundry IT services are to let customers manage their own product easily and quickly.

VIS establishes a whole set of electronic foundry services throughout the entire business cycle. These services will cover from foundry selection to post –sales services and everything in between.

Please contact your VIS account manager for more detail.
World Wide Web VIS-Online – http://online.vis.com.tw .

Wafer Manufacturing Services
VIS’s state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing combined with our proprietary Computer Integrated Manufacturing System provides highly flexible and versatile world-class manufacturing capability to meet the most stringent technology requirements. VIS provides leading manufacturing capacity, process technology and other leading-edge foundry services.
Please contact your VIS account manager for more detail .

Mask Making Services
For your convenience and to expedite the cycle time from tape-out to wafer-start, VIS provides the tape out service and subcontract mask tooling facility. The mask making service of VIS assures fast and timely mask delivery and eliminates mask damage or contamination during transportation.

VIS mask services include:

  1. Frame Generation
  2. Mask Making (Subcontract)
  3. Mask Repairing (Subcontract)
Please contact your VIS account manager for more detail.

MPW Services
VIS started multiple project wafer (MPW) in July of 2003.At a fixed, predictable price, this groundbreaking program spreads the cost of one mask set and wafer processing among as many as 16 customers or Design Service Alliance Partners.

VIS developed MPW in response to current SoC design methodology, which often requires independent development, prototyping, and validation of a variety of cores before successful integration into a single device.

MPW prototypes virtually all VIS technologies and offers the industry’s only capability to run both generic logic and mixed-signal prototypes on the same wafer. MPW provides a range of options and performance available in the semiconductor industry.

Please contact your VIS account manager for more detail.