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As a full-service foundry, VIS owns following competitiveness to be your reliable strategic partner.

Technology Advancement
To fully meet customers' demands, VIS has striven to expand the depth and width of our technological services.

To add to our depth, VIS has successfully advanced logic foundry production from the 0.5µm/0.35µm level to the 0.25µm/0.18µm level.

To broaden our technological range, VIS has developed High Voltage Device, RF CMOS device, Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS technology, Ultra low power device, and low Rds-on device technologies and flash memory technology based on the base line CMOS Logic technology.

These latest achievements have allowed VIS to provide a comprehensive array of IC foundry services, especially the Specialty IC foundry, thus help our clients enhance their global competitiveness.

Aggressive Production Capacity Expansion
Building on the basis of our reliable process technologies and highly customized services, VIS will be able to provide customers with readily available production capacity and technological support.

High Quality Services
VIS has been dedicated to achieve an excellence in each product with a level of quality that makes Vanguard a preferred supplier of choice in the world, and furthermore, to achieve continuous quality improvement beyond our customers expectations.

By offering the most cost-effective solutions, VIS helps the customers achieve a significant competitive edge in the global market and VIS is confident in becoming your ideal manufacturer and being your best choice for specialty IC foundry.