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Function Description

Management of company-wide operations.Establish VIS business strategy and target.

VP of Finance
Corporate Accounting, Finance, Investor Relations, Public Relations.Responsible for the company's finance and accounting operation, as well as BOD, establishing the company's external communication channel, and maintaining the company's corporate image, CI system related business..

VP of Marketing and Sales
Planning of company products, including sales and marketing for these products. Responsible for product service, market analysis and development, and establishing and execution of sales plan.

VP of Engineering Service
Technology Division, IP Management, Information Technology & e-Commerce, and Design Service. Provide support in IP resources, information system, MASK, CAD, and layout.

Sr. Director of Operation & Environment Safety
Wafer Production, Material Management Div., Industrial Engineering, Production Control, Risk & Env. Safety Management.Improve operation efficiency, and ensure timely delivery of high quality product to customers, investment analysis, and long-term investment planning.

General Counsel
Responsible for execution and strategic planning of intellectual property & corporate legal affairs, including contract review and providing legal opinion for each department. Also setting up Board of Directors meetings and preparing meeting agenda.

Human Resources Div.
Recruiting the most qualified and suitable talents, providing employee training & development programs to meet company's growth, and establishing an effective & innovative personnel management system and work environment in order to attract and retain talents.

Quality Reliability Assurance Div.
Manages Assurance, Reliability Assurance, Quality System Management, and In charge of product check, quality control, and promoting quality policy in VIS.

Internal Auditing
Review and evaluate company’s operating process and effectiveness of internal control, and provide suggestions for improvement.